Data Wrangler

When data needs to be prepared for loading into a relational database, a data warehouse, or other analytic platform, you can use Essentia’s powerful schema on read processing tools to extract only the target data from those original raw data files, cleanse and normalize them and output the results to file or directly load into destination systems via API.

Essentia makes it easier for Data Wranglers to manage the vast variety of data that is being stored in cloud data repositories like Amazon S3.

Maintain and manage multi-structured data by using rules to categorize existing and incoming data, without actually manipulating or modifying the original raw data files.

Manage and share data while maintaining integrity of original data through data virtualization.

Improve data processing workflows and efficiently load into standard relational databases, NoSQL, data warehouse, HDFS.

Cleanse, prepare, and blend large data sets quickly and easily.

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Data Wrangler