Pivot Billions

Pivot Billions is a visualization and analysis solution that allows any user to explore and analyze large datasets in real-time in a dynamic and familiar spreadsheet-like interface.  Create pivot tables and charts from billions of rows to get unique perspectives on data. It is highly cost effective and highly scalable for any size data analysis need.

Customer Journey Analysis

CJ Path helps marketers precisely understand the customer journey.  Evaluate every touchpoint and their interactions with each other for a better understanding of the customer and to maximize marketing performance.

The Essentia Platform

Essentia is our highly efficient and highly scalable big data platform for managing, processing and analyzing vast amounts of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data stored in cloud data lakes. Massively parallel, in-memory processing distributed across multiple virtual machines, enables Essentia to scale to handle any data processing workload at blazing fast speeds.


AuriQ is a leading provider of data analytic software in Japan and the US. Our mission is to enable customers to get the most value from all their data assets by providing agile, scalable, and cost effective solutions. Founded in 1996, AuriQ has leveraged its expertise with databases and business analytics to make innovative solutions that have been deployed in over 400 global enterprises.