Business Analyst

Essentia enables any analyst given access to data in cloud data stores the ability to explore marketing, customer and sales data, regardless if it’s structured, semi-structured or completely unstructured without having to request IT to prepare and load the data into a traditional relational database, or learning to write complicated code.

User’s can apply familiar SQL like queries directly against raw, unprocessed data with Essentia, saving enormous amounts of time and resources.

In addition, new data products can be generated with Essentia’s powerful tools to blend and join disparate data sets, quickly and efficiently. Even data that does not have a unifying key value to join data can be merged using fuzzy matching logic algorithms. Any business using Essentia can benefit tremendously by gaining a more precise understanding of their customers.

Quick data exploration on raw data using SQL like commands without pre-processing or loading into a database.

Join data sources to create a more complete customer journey table.

Supports popular BI or visualization tools via API.

Attribution modeling, user segmentation, churn analysis and more.

Data Scientist

Business Analyst

Data Wrangler