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Essentia playground is a collection of jupyter notebooks that is running on a cloud server, where users can learn aq commands and Essentia interactively by practicing with actual data.

Accessing Playground

Here are the URL and password to login to the playground.

Follow the steps below in order to access the playground.

  1. Open your browser (tested with firefox and chrome only), and enter the URL above to access the website.
  2. You’ll see a login portal, so type in the password above and click on “Log in” button to login.
  3. Jupyter notebook’s file explorer will be displayed, and navigate to “README.ipynb” to see the list of available notebooks and recommended order of reading.


  1. Do not execute random bash commands in bash cells of the notebooks. Stick to
    1. Aq commands
    2. Commands that do not modify file itself, such as cat, head, tail and zcat.
  2. Notebooks are set to read only. While users can execute any commands, changes made will not be saved permanently among sessions.
  3. The notebooks are still under development, so more content will be added in the future.