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UDB attribute flags for tables and vectors

attribute          use

pkey primary hash key, must be string type

tkey integer sorting key

+key string key to merge on

+first Use the first imported value when merging

+last Use the last imported values when merging

+add Sum values across rows for each unique value

+bor Bitwise-OR numeric values

+min Take the smallest value

+max Take the largest value

+nozero Ignore values of 0 or an empty string

Substitution strings for the Essentia ‘stream’ command.

string             provides

%path path to file being processed

%file file without extension

%FILE file with extension

%cols Full column spec

%delim Delimeter

Substitution strings for the Essentia ‘stream’ or ‘exec’ command.

string             provides

%num_nodes number of nodes in cluster

%node_id ID of the node executing the command

%num_threads number of threads assigned per node

%thread_id ID of the thread executing the command